Let's Flirt Lunch $200

Let's Flirt Dinner $400

A private table for two. Away from the world with an intoxicating woman. Positive conversation. Power mindset. The mind is the most powerful aphrodisiac. Could this lead to future, more intimate adventures? We shall see. Gentlemans choice of venue.

I am available worldwide by appointment, please see my Fly Me To You package referenced below.

I frequently travel to various cities for personal pleasure. If you would like prior notification of my visit to your city please send me an email and I will be happy to send you a discreet note via email of my travel dates.

I request that all meetings begin in public, at your choice of restaurant or lounge. Discretion is understood, if a public meeting is not feasible for you I am happy to meet privately. A private, upscale incall location can be made available upon request.

Please click on the city of your choice to see gift requirements. In date extensions are $600 per hour. Please familiarize yourself with my gift structure as I prefer to not interrupt our light, charming mood while together to discuss the sordid topic of financials. I expect that our date be as carefree as possible, I appreciate your consideration.

New York City
New York City
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I love a gentleman with a plan. However, I don't expect you to read my mind; the following are some suggestions for our date that I believe we would find particularly enjoyable for our time together. Perhaps these suggestions will give you a bit more insight on the multifaceted young woman you are reading about, and give a hint of the hedonistic and exciting experience you are about to embark on!

A dinner or lunch for two would always be my personal choice, I am fine with dining out or in-suite. I enjoy both casual and fine dining and would be just as happy with a cafe lunch as I would with a Michelin restaurant. For our initial meeting or for those short on time an afternoon tea or an evening cocktail is a superb way to get to know each other. For a longer date, a day perusing eclectic shops or having fun in the sun would be perfect for this outdoor girl! I also enjoy receiving and giving massage. I don't over-indulge in alcohol and as a non-smoker nightclubs are not where I find my usual diversions. Visiting museums, strolling through a botanical garden, the theater, and enjoying the great outdoors are some of my other usual pastimes that I am sure we will find quite pleasurable enjoying as a couple!

I like my wine how I like my women, depending on the mood and occasion. I am a fan of a light Riesling or Pinot Blanc, I also enjoy full bodied reds. I tend to choose American style Red Blends, and wines from Northern Italy as well as the Rhône Valley. I love a smooth South American Malbec, a California Cabernet, and from time to time a craft cocktail. I'm particularly partial to pairings.

Things I Love
herb gardens
vintage glassware
roadside farm stands using the honor system
a fresh new notebook. windy, rainy days. kissing.

At this time I am not requiring a deposit for dates less than 24 hours. For travel and dates beyond 24 hours, a 50% deposit is required when finalizing our plans. I find it is so much easier to deal with the necessary financials beforehand without having either one of us handling cash while traveling. Deposits or full payment can be made either by wire transfer, gift card, or money order.

For a date of any length, please present the gift to me within the first five minutes of meeting. Kindly present it via gift bag or greeting card; I request, and really must insist, that there be no discussion of financials. I prefer that every moment between us be personal and intimate and would sincerely regret having to end our date over such a silly indiscretion.

I prepare meticulously for our date and cancellations are discouraged, if you must cancel there is a cancellation fee of 20% within 48 hours, and 50% within 24 hours of our date. Please forward the fee via Amazon gift card to



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