Welcome! I am delighted to have you visit me here on the web. Relax and enjoy as you read a little bit about what it may be like to share in the life of Miss Chloe Summers! I am told that my Twitter and Instagram accounts reveal a lot about my personality and they're also where you'll find my latest pictures and some candids! Please join me by clicking on the links.

I am passionate and real, an American luxury companion for which this is more of a lifestyle choice than a career move. While I find great satisfaction in pursuing various professional and personal endeavors, I crave some delectation and indulgence beyond what I can find in my otherwise fulfilling life. I expect our date to be as delightful for me as it is for you and I look forward to our time together with much anticipation!

I offer my services as a companion to the discerning gentleman seeking an interactive and engaging experience with an exceptional young woman. I truly derive great satisfaction from discovering a personal connection with another, regardless of how fleeting our time together may seem. It is for this reason that I so enjoy working as a companion and take pride in providing an unparalleled experience. I am quite a formal lady accomplished in mainstream pursuits while my extensive cultural experiences throughout my life have made my thinking global and free-spirited. The breadth of my knowledge, desires, interests and fantasies might amaze you. My worldview is anything but myopic.

With an air of natural elegance and calm confidence, I carry myself with poise in any milieu. But don't be deceived; my demeanor is far from subdued. As soon as you see my ever-present smile, you'll know you've discovered a very special girl. You'll find my youthful exuberance and passion for life invigorating. Friends have described me as insightful, charismatic, and refreshingly down-to-earth. If you wish to enhance your time in the cities of the Northeastern US or Central Florida, I am happy to make your time special. I'm available in Orlando, Tampa, Vero Beach, Philadelphia, NYC, Washington DC, and surrounding areas. Appointments shall be made in advance to ensure my availability.

I have been richly educated in the Northeastern US, an area of the country where I still spend a great deal of time. I share my time between the cities of the Northeast and the central and coastal regions of Florida where I delight in sand and surf, often found with a smile bigger than my bikini! On my quest for travel I currently offer a Fly-Me-To-You package in the US and worldwide.

Beyond travel, my other passions include night swimming, garden wandering, casual and fine dining, reading, hiking, and yoga. You may consider me a great conversationalist, and you will find it easy to make me laugh. I consider myself to be a creative, intelligent, free-spirited, warm, and sensual young woman who sees this little subculture of ours as a way to bring excitement and sparkle into daily life. I am very selective in whom I choose to date and I am best suited for gentlemen that are genuine, thoughtful, and whose moral standards exceed the average.

In my early 30's and standing 5'6", I am 100% natural, slender yet curvy. I am very feminine and I love to dress up but have also been told I look great in a pair of jeans! Whether casual or dressy my wardrobe is elegant, yet modern and sexy. I will always arrive appropriately dressed whether our date consists of a cocktail in a midtown lounge or a week long adventure!

I make yoga and exercise a part of every day which keeps me fit. I am not a hard-body, weightlifting sort of girl; I especially enjoy outdoor exercise....hiking, running, and kayaking. I believe that the best thing your body can wear is exercise and healthy food, not carrots and celery healthy- but the good for you, wholesome, made with love kind of food.

Due to the need for discretion from the gentlemen I see, and because of my full and busy life outside of the courtesan world, my face does not appear on my website. However, I can assure you that it is among my best physical features. I have no tattoos or body piercings. For privacy reasons, I've decided not to share full physical details on this website.

It would be my pleasure to meet with you soon,


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