Love Notes

My gentlemen friends don't review me but they do write kind notes.

Below are some things my friends have had to say about their meetings with me. Don't expect a lot of intimate detail, my privacy and discretion are just as important to me as they are to you! Read and enjoy...

I met Chloe in the hotel lounge for a cocktail. This young lady is my ATF. She is a wonderful, vibrant, friendly, erotic woman. Chloe is gorgeous and has a killer body. Every head in the bar turned when she walked in wearing a very upscale hot dress and heels. She works out but is not muscular.

She is EXTREMELY feminine. Looks so much better in person than her pictures and her pix are good. She is intelligent, warm and very passionate. She is wonderful. You will think about coming back the next day. I always do."

Chloe and I corresponded by email a number of times trying to meet ...we were finally in the right place at the right time. It was apparent from her email that Chloe is sensitive and smart. I was so pleased when I walked in the door and finally got to see her that she is a beauty as well. We hit it off right away ... nice chemistry evolved into a GFE ++ experience. She has a killer body ... firm skin on nice curves head to toe ... she takes GREAT care of herself. With Chloe each meeting is a unique adventure. Chloe is an exceptional, first rate lady ... what better way for me to validate this assertion that to say I MUST see her again!!"

Finally got to meet this wonderful Lady after a year of wanting to. Provided what she asked and it was easy to set up a date.Chloe is a very beautiful lady with a superb natural body. She is nice, down to earth, sweet, sexy, and can be wild. Also very sensual. She is not a clock watcher and doesn't mind spending time to get to know you. My date with her could only have been better if I had more time. Out of respect for her wishes I will provide no specific details. Use your imagination and rest assured, you cannot go wrong with this rare escort. All of your cravings will be satisfied. I will definitely see her again. "

A very special lady. I don't do graphic. Suffice it to say that Chloe is my all-time number one favorite. She has Beauty, class and charm and knows how to push all of the right buttons with me. When I'm with Chloe, the rest of the world fades away and all my cares dissolve. She is a real lady. "

I've seen Chloe before, but being back on the east coast meant I had to stop by. She was as beautiful as ever, really a magnificent lady.Everyone knows how wonderful she is, so no real details are necessary. Let's just say she always remembers what I like her to wear, and what I like in a lady! I'll see her as long as I can, until she is gone."

Chloe was great. She has a great personality and is a great conversationalist. Wonderful body, great kisser, and that mouth of wonders. My only regret is that I didn't have more time with her. I know better for next time."

Get ready to experience a different kind of zing. Chloe has this fabulous way of making you feel gooey when in her presence. Time with her will go to too fast ,but she will make it unforgettable. If your looking for someone who has it all you need to meet her."

Chloe is one of the most beautiful sexy ladies I have had the pleasure to spend time with. On my trip to Atlantic City in November. I had the pleasure of her company for a few hours and I am still having fond memories of our time together. She is well knowledge on how to make your time together the best. She is truly one of the most sexy ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting. And be sure my next trip to AC will include a visit with her. Except for this time I will have to make sure that we spend more time together. Perfect lady!!"

After months of hearing nothing but glowing and enthusiastic platitudes about this siren, I was finally smiled upon by the grace of good fortune and treated to this treasure named Chloe Summers. It's ironic how you can look all over the map for what you think you need only to discover that all you ever needed to do was open your eyes and see the beauty right in front of you... a little like the lesson Dorothy learns in The Wizard of Oz... "There's no place like home." I have found my home in the sunshine of the divine Ms. Summers and, being the sun worshipper that I am, I'll pull up my beach chair, grab a cold one and enjoy the warm pleasures of her radiance... and happily apply any sunscreen lotion she may need in those hard-to-reach places. I'd wanted to meet Chloe for several months but there were always schedule conflicts for me until I finally found the open window to crawl through and get to her. (Since breaking and entering is a crime then you better place me in handcuffs -- but only if Chloe gets custody of me!) Her sublime toe-curling kisses are sensuously addictive and her tender caresses inspire me to soar above the summits of mountains and scream at the top of my lungs in exaltation to hear my echo in the canyons below!!! But beyond all of her dizzying tingling physical delights is her genuinely warm, heartening, fun-loving, playful, charming, passionate, engaging and kind personality. She overwhelms me with her soul. Being with Chloe feels like home. And as Dorothy so suitably stated..... There's no place like home."

Chloe is a beautiful girl, with a great personality also. My time with her just flew by, as usual. She's a wonderful companion, I'm so glad she let me into her circle of friends. Chloe, I miss you already :)"

This is what a GFE is all about. Its not, in my opinion someone who performs certain acronyms, but rather someone who is enthusiastic, comfortable and makes the date feel like something other than a job. And while this is a very artificial situation there should be some genuineness. Chloe is a GFE in attitude as well as performance.

Chloe is quite careful checking references and that is a good thing. It made me feel especially comfortable. There was a snafu in scheduling our 2 hours appointment but it was my fault and after hearing what happened Chloe had no problems.

I won't go into detail here but I must point out that Chloe is one of the best kissers I have ever meet. Of course YMMV but she is one of my ATFs."

Very easy to contact..very responsive and accommodating. Easily the best experience in my many years of hobbying. Chloe is an all natural..super sexy..witty..bubbly next door cheerleader type..if your next door cheerleader happens to be a naughty..naughty girl.Showed up for our date wearing a tight..low cut black dress. A passionate lover.. Perfect silky skin...shapely dancer legs..naturally busty..a 10 in looks and performance. She is just a delightful lady. Claims to be in her 30's but looks a few years younger. Really has it together. This is too good to be true..too good [ I fear ] to last. She is not to be missed."


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